About Us Storks

On a recent trip to England, Alicia found herself jet-lagged and wide awake at 3 am. She scrolled through Facebook and came across a traveling mom's rant that helped her understand the need for baby equipment rental services! She realized quickly that such a service should be set up in her hometown of Dallas, Texas. Right after returning home from vacation, she enlisted the help of frequent flying friend and MBA classmate, Purnima. Purnima has a young daughter and was well researched in baby needs and baby equipment. She instantly recognized the potential of the idea, and they got to creating Stroller Stork. Our Mission: Stroller Storks aims to make life easier for families who travel.



Alicia loves entrepreneuerial activities and is excited to bring this new service to Dallas. She has extensive experience in a number of fields including importing, international logistics, arts administration, non-profit management, event planning, and more.

Purnima Krishnan



Purnima shares Alicia's love of new ideas and is in constant pursuit of bringing awesome businesses to Dallas! Baby N makes this venture more compelling and that much more worthwhile!